How social media influence on adopting animals

Majewski, posted a photo of a dog with the expectation to find an adopter for the dog; interesting things was that the specialist’s post pulled in a many individuals from web-based media..

Andrzej was working animal control officer several years and he was a faithful lover of animals.

The last publication on Facebook, described briefly Andrzej’s work within the organization and provided information about a dog that was looking for a forever home It was mentioned. “He is very caring person.

He is especially fond of huskies  and and he is continuously tracking down ways of assisting every one of them as much as he can. In his free time, Andrzej likes to go climbing and listening to music. He is the kindest person one can meet. He is doing everything to find a home for all dogs.

Thousands of people saw the post put so many comments that nobody could imagine. The dog was taken on in a short time, and since the publication where Andrzej stole the looks, the shelter phones did not stop ringing.

Now dog is happy with his new family.

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