Great story about how kind a human can be to an animal

Hero of the story, David Smith went fishing without thinking that this trip would change his life when he met his new puppy. Thereafter fishing, David was on his way back home, when he decided to stop at a rest stop.

He realized that it would just require a couple of moments, to rest, go to the bathroom and quickly take out the garbage from his car; decided to leave the car door open and the engine running. When he come back to his car, he noticed an incredible surprise in the front passenger seat. A homeless dog was sitting there.

David looked closely at the little dog and realized she was nothing more than skin and bones, she was clearly hungry. David offered her the only food he had at the moment. David understood that dog was asking for help and decided to take her with him.

David used to help homeless animals so this situation was not strange to him.

When David got home, his wife went out to greet their new pet, but the dog refused to get out of the car. David saw that the dog felt safe in the car so decided to take her himself, so she wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed. The family had three dogs and a cat, all of whom had been rescued from the streets and were happy to add one more.

They chose to call their new relative Roxy.

Since next morning Roxy was running in the yard with the rest, but she never wandered too far from his parents.

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