Girl dried a fur of a dog under the rain to save a life

It was rainy day and a young girl was returning from the collage, when suddenly she noticed a small dog, sitting under that heavy rain. She dried its fur with her own uniform and protected from the rain.

Somebody took a photo without her permission and published on Facebook. The users reacted immediately by congratulating the girl for the gesture she had with the dog.

They put so many comments under that photo saying that if only people follow this example that the world be another beautiful place to live.

« I don’t know what to say, » Daniela replied when she was tagged in the post by one of her colleagues. « I think if we can help each other we should do that without thinking a minute, if  I am here at this moment that means I need to be here ».

The amazing thing was that Daniela was allergic to dogs, but she forgot even about this once she noticed the dog under the rain.

But despite all that attention, which has also been shown by her classmates, Daniela is modest.

Daniela added:

« That is my nature. I did what I suppose to do. There are people thinking that is done just to have some more views on social media, but I know that’s not true, that’s all « .

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