Dog who saved the life of the owner

This is a story about a dog from State of Missouri, saved the life of the proprietor, who turned out to be sick during a walk. It was a shocking scenery for the people present there and boom news for the journalist.

On the evening of Saturday, June 7, the man was walking his dog. The weather was fantastic and he felt very well. They were walking and unexpectedly he turned out to be sick.

The dog immediately rushed to the closest house and made it clear to the occupants that trouble had happened to its proprietor. They called an emergency immediately.

The owners life is saved!

Police wrote about the incident on Facebook.  » Thanks to the smart and loyal dog and the locals who responded to her call for help, the man received emergency medical care and is now feeling fine. The dog was compensated with embraces, much obliged and bunches of treats, » the city police said in a statement on its site.

The post got a lot of likes and circulated around the web via online media. Many users in the comments wished the owner of the animal a speedy recovery.

Prior it was accounted for that in Canada, a dog saved the life of its owner who suddenly lost consciousness on a walk. The animal jumped onto the road and blocked the passage of the truck, whose driver got out of the car and helped the woman.

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