A bird with skin infection need a bath to be recovered

Lately, a kind of little arrived at special clinic in California. The small bird gotten a gentle skin disease that gave rise to aggravation. Luckily for the bird, it was an simple issue to treat, he really wanted a bath and he would be recovered.

According to Wildbase supervisor, all indications are that the owls don’t seem to like water, and it does not matter if it is rain or just water.

It seems from these fun photos that an owl’s imposing appearance actually comes from its plumage. Being covered in water after a bath changes your appearance in oddly cute and dramatic ways.

Little Owl was bathed in chlorhexidine to combat infection and then rinsed. During the procedure he did not seem to be at all comfortable, but it was necessary for his health.

To finish, Pauline dried him with a towel and put him under an air blower to be parched completely.

The manager trusts that the medicated bubble shower is everything necessary to deal with the owl’s derm problem, and when it is in amazing condition it will be free back into the nature.

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