Ball as a beginning of a friendship

Lucky that was known for playing and making friends with other dogs, had a new neighbor. They had two dogs next door.Lucky was excited to meet her two new neighbors as well as his neighbors were very happy to have a new member in their neighborhood and it was clear that they would become best friends.

Since he met Lucky, it didn’t take long for Arlo to express his affection for her and he decided to give her a gift to prove it. Every time when Lucky passed through the street,  Arlo brings her a ball as a gesture of thanks for being his friend. Every day Arlo didn’t hesitate to find the ball and give it to her.

Sometimes he couldn’t find it, but if he did, he always gave it to Lucky to play with or to play together.

This little event has become a routine, but the best part is that it makes the two friends very happy every time they see each other. Lucky is always excited when she knows they are going for a walk, as they will stop by Arlo’s house and say hello.

Although most of the time the friends just greet each other through the fence, thanks to their friendship their families have gotten to know each other, and organized some dates for their dogs to play outside, and as expected, everyone loved it.

Their families didn’t plan this beautiful friendship, but they wouldn’t trade the way their dogs met for the world.

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