A blind dog conquered millions of hurts

Beau is a blind dog who conquered millions of hurts and became very popular on the internet, thanks to a video that Ann Johnson posted on TikTok.Once watching videos and having a look at this cutie creature, you will be surprised, definitely.

It was really amazing to see her excitement expressed in various movements of his tail, when they were on their way to park. Despite her being blind, she knows when they go to her favorite park.

Beau has always been characterized as an energetic and intelligent dog, but unfortunately she lost both of her eyes after suffering from a rare autoimmune disease.

Though this is difficult condition, she is still very active, plays like any dog and loves going to the park.She has 3 best friends who come over to play regularly in the park.

Ann is an animal lover, who is working with local rescue centers to help animals in need, that’s  why she decided to adopt Beau.

Ann usually takes photos and videos of her dog doing some kind of activity, but one day she thought it would be nice to record her arriving at the park.

She thus decided to make the video, but what she never thought is that her beautiful reaction would win the hearts of so many people.

Kida’s popularity grew so fast that Ann decided to create an Instagram of her, so people can see daily photos of her.

Also, she is happy that she can show everyone that disabled dogs can still have an amazing life.

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