This cat loves to hide in every one of the spots he can fit and each time he is convinced that no one can see him

The cat named Keanu has a fascinating « leisure activity » – he loves to be separated from everyone else and hide in every one of the spots where he fits.

But he is not aware of one little detail. Each time he hides, he is certain that nobody sees him. At the point when Keanu was a little cat, he was found in a modern stockroom. One of the representatives chose to take the feline with her and give him a house. So Keanu got a proprietor!

Regardless of his amicable nature, Keanu some of the time loves to be separated from

everyone else, and to watch what’s going on nearby. And furthermore, he frequently hides – in

all spots where he can creep.

« Keanu truly thinks nobody sees him. We even call him – he normally reacts, yet when he « hides » – no. Regardless of whether we contact his paw to show that we see him, he won’t move, » says the proprietor.

At whatever point he needs to hide from the entire world, they know – soon he will come out and will again request love. It is a particularly amusing process!

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