A grown-up elephant has climbed over a 5ft divider to take some mangoes from the mango tree

South Luangwa is perhaps the biggest park in South Africa. Its idiosyncrasy is that animals, including such huge ones as elephants, feel entirely good here.

They regularly come very near to private houses. Wild elephants, for instance, are usual visitors

of Andy Hogg. A huge mango tree grows close to his home, which is visited each year during

the fruiting time frame (from October to December) by a group of elephants.

They advance toward the tree along a similar way, so they never again shock the proprietor. In any case, as of late, Andy Hogg was visited by a new elephant that chose to get to the tree in an uncommon manner.

A tremendous creature got into the camera’s focal points exactly when it started to move over a high fence. He appeared to need especially to set to the mango tree up to taste the heavenly natural product.

It tends to be expected that he didn’t have a clue about another way, and consequently picked the most brief one.

At long last arriving at the tree, the elephant observed that there were no natural products on it-

the season had as of now finished, and the last mangoes had probably been eaten by his family members.

The elephant again painstakingly moved over the fence, without breaking anything or frightening anybody.

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