Man chose to surrender his work and to travel with his cat

Richard East, a young fellow from Australia, chose to leave his place of employment and travel with his sweet pet.

Meet Richard and his adored pet Willow, who is an exceptionally valuable soul for her proprietor. These two have an exceptionally extraordinary relationship. This lovable pet was taken on by Richard’s ex from the Hobart shelter. However the proprietor was not Richard, Willow fell head over heels for him, when they met first.

Back then, the feline was 2-year-old and, from that point forward, she never leaves Richard not so much as a moment, particularly during his bad days. At the point when Richard’s sweetheart one day parted ways with him, it was Willow that assisted him with defeating his braid.

Richard found Willow extremely sweet and friendly, that likes snuggles. It was a fantasy for Richard to travel with his pet, so to fulfil his dream, he sold everything he had, surrendered his work and began to travel with Willow in his van.

During his movement, he met numerous different travellers with their pets. Willow is very daring, she jumps at the chance to investigate and invest energy outside. She and Richard made each others’ life better.

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