While protecting his young owner from armed criminals, this heroic dog was shot many times

Rex, a German Shepherd, deservedly earned the title of hero. When armed robbers stormed into the house, the dog was with his owner.

There was nowhere to wait for rescue because the boy’s older brother was at the gym and his parents were at work. Javier hurried to the second level and hid in a wardrobe closet when he heard the robbers busting down the door.

The teen reported the robbery to 911 and immediately contacted his parents, requesting that they return home as quickly as possible. The burglars grabbed all of the house’s electronics, as well as a large amount of clothing and shoes. Rex did everything he could to stop the robbers.

With a loud bark, he charged at strangers, defending his land and his owner. When one of the men was bitten by the dog, he was severely beaten. Rex’s protective instinct compelled him to go upstairs and check on his owner. Sadly, the thief pursued him. When the intruder approached the closet where Javier was hiding, the fatigued dog charged at the intruder.

The shot was fired at that instant. The shepherd was in a lot of pain. He was able to draw the robber’s focus away from himself, and he dashed downstairs before reaching the closet.
Soon after, Javier heard the sirens of a police car coming. The robbers were able to flee, but Rex was rescued in time, owing to the arrival of the police.

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