Elephant brought her baby to the place where her life was once saved

The elephant was certain that the specialists of the hold would not leave her child in a difficult situation. Wild creatures are typically always connected to individuals who once saved their lives, and this disastrous story indeed affirms this.

15 years prior, workers of the Kenyan Wild Animal Welfare Fund figured out how to save a little elephant, who was stranded. She nearly lost her life from starvation and could scarcely remain on her feet. The child was named Loijuk.

She lived there until she got well, and afterward she was set free to her regular natural surroundings. A lot of years have passed from that point forward, yet the thankful elephant remembered her guardian angels. She visited the save consistently to see individuals.

She came to the save once more, but she was not alone. Presently the mother and her offspring Lily (the zoo staff called her so) visited the director of the reserve. The kind mother allowed him to touch the little elephant.

After they met, the elephant left, yet didn’t go far. She was more free in the reserve. The reserve staff fed both the mother and the little one. In the wild, Lily would have been raised by the entire group of her kind, yet evidently she trusts individuals more.

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