A photographer has taken rare series of photographs of a crow riding on the rear of a bald eagle

Phoo Chan, a capable Californian wildlife photographer whose bird photographs have been distributed commonly in National Geographic, took a staggering series of photographs of how a crow figured out how to fly on the back of a bald eagle.

Nobody has at any point had the option to catch something like this! This is something very unique and amazing. As Chan himself says, crows are known for their forceful conduct towards other bigger hunters they experience in the region they consider their own.

Crows fearlessly seek after excluded visitors until they retreat. Nonetheless, taking a gander at these photos, one gets the feeling that this crow doesn’t seek after the bird by any stretch of the imagination.

Also the bald eagle itself doesn’t at all protest such conduct of its little padded individual, which attacked its own space. In addition, you can see that the crow even made a stop and rode a huge bird. As though it should be!

What it was – an incredible insolence or an interesting bird fellowship that nobody knows about – one can figure.

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