Meet Richie, an extraordinary feline that appears to be donning a lemur-like additional fur coat

After his birth in November of 2020, Richie immediately became well-known on social media thanks to his owner’s decision to set up a separate account specifically for the pet.

At birth, we had to pick a color for the cat we ordered from him. Before we knew Richie’s hue, we selected black smoke for him. Richie’s fluffy coat was immediately apparent to the breeder even before he was born.

The owner of an unusual cat remarked, ‘We had to wait four months before we could bring our baby home.’

The animal’s owner also mentioned that Richie is a friendly cat that enjoys playing with other cats. And the Maine Coon sits right next to the cooks and keeps an eye on everything they do.

In the morning, Richie gets a thorough brushing to prevent tangles from forming on his coat.

‘We work with a few businesses that Richie has tested and liked’.

Richie is progressively becoming a real internet influencer, » a spokesperson for the company tells the New York Daily News. It’s always a delight to share new cat toys and accessories with our fans. « We do our best to cater to Richie’s preferences, » said the delighted owner.

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