In his role as a walking human statue, his human father is assisted by a little dog

No matter where you travel, you’ll always come across human street statues that never fail to catch your eye. They appear to be statues of human beings, yet they are in fact mannequins.

Street art that dates back to the Middle Ages demands a tremendous deal of patience, physical control, and energy to create.

Consider reading the true tale of Jorge Luis Ruiz and his dog Jasper if you’re a believer in flawless sculptures.

In Brazil, this Venezuelan street artist has spent the last four years perfecting his craft. A living statue, he entertains passers-by with his antics, but he stands out from the crowd because of one unique element to his act that has garnered him international acclaim.

Jorge’s best friend, Jasper, not only goes to work with him every day but also assists him in his tasks. In addition to his matching brown coat to Jorge’s red-orange fisherman outfit, the puppy freezes during the performance, exactly like his father.

Ruiz claims he never coached Jasper and that the startling act happened spontaneously when he kissed Jasper on the neck.

On Twitter, a video shot by the Secretary of State for Culture in the state of Ceara went viral with 2.84 million views. Jasper’s performance is Oscar-worthy, and they captured the attention of those living in Brazil’s bustling streets.

In a recent Instagram post, Jorge expressed his gratitude to all of his loyal fans. ‘We appreciate the Brazilians every day for their appreciation of our work,’ remarked Jorge.

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