Belal, a courageous young man, risked his own life to save a fawn from drowning

Noakhali, Bangladesh, saw a severe downpour a few years ago. An unexpected flood was triggered by the rain. In a fit of fear, a baby deer ran away from its mother. Because it was still feeble, it was swept away by a fierce current. It couldn’t have gotten out on its own.

The deer, on the other hand, had the good fortune of being observed by heroic young Belal, who sprang into the river to help the distressed animal. However, the deer’s odds of surviving were slim. Because Belal was close, he was really fortunate.

Taking the deer in his hands, he swam all the way to the shore with it in hand. The journey was difficult because of the strong current, and the boy’s head fell frequently beneath the water. Only the man’s hand could be seen since the water was so deep.

Belal had a little animal in his hands and held it there firmly. Residents in the area who witnessed the incident rushed to aid the young man. However, the man was able to get the animal to the beach in one piece. Initially stunned, Belal the deer regained his composure and raced to his family who had been waiting for him when he arrived at the shore.

Hasibul Wahab, a budding photographer, happened to be in the area at the time of the rescue. Since these images were widely shared, he became a household name worldwide.

This is another example of how a child’s generosity has no bounds and is ready to assist anybody in need.

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