After being left alone by his mother, the little chimp cuddles with a stuffed monkey and finds a new family

Djibril, a little chimp, was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. Kika, a chimp that was rescued from a circus where she was frequently beaten and offended, simply did not know how to care for a newborn and abandoned him.

Djibril’s caregivers needed to find him a new mother, someone who could give him something that no one else could. In the face of such a mother, the little chimp found comfort in the arms of a soft toy that reminded him of himself. A photo of a newborn snuggled up to a plush monkey went viral on social media, and no one seemed to mind. Fortunately, the plot quickly changed.

The orphan was accepted into the Biopark in Valencia, which creates the most natural circumstances for wild animals to live. As a result, Djibril relocated to a new home this summer. Malin, an experienced female who had raised more than one generation of monkeys, was expected to take the baby. She, on the other hand, showed no interest in the visitor.

Fortunately, Djibril was taken under the custody of another Biopark inhabitant, Eva. She began to look after him as if he were her own cub, lavishing on him all the love he lacked from his own mother. They are still inseparable a year later. Djibril matured and became more powerful.

His visit contributed significantly to the recovery of the endangered chimpanzee population. Employees at the Biopark hoped that the arrival of a new male would contribute to the family’s expansion assuming Djibril passed the adoption and gained recognition from the team.

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