A small stray kitten finds a new mommy and a lasting home

Cassie is a kindhearted woman who loves animals. Is this why fate chose her to adopt an orphaned kitten?

Cassie was strolling when she heard an odd sound from the bushes behind her. Hearing the sound, she went to investigate the source of the sound.

Cassie noticed a little kitten cowering in the adjacent bushes. The kitty ran out the door and hissed at the lovely woman. But as Cassie scooped her up and held her, she melted. The woman carried her to her car, where she bought water and cat food for her pets.

The parched kitten drank and drank from the water poured for her. She ate the cat’s food right there.

The kitty then followed the wonderful woman who had helped her. She didn’t want to be apart. Cassie was always following her. Cassie knew she had to accompany her. The woman patted the stray kitty resting on her shoulder.

She welcomed her into her house, ready to care for and adore her. Cassie bathed her because she was filthy and flea-infested. After the bath, the tired kitten snuggled up for a snooze. The next morning, she looked dramatically different. She radiated joy and enthusiasm. She was happy to have found her permanent sweet home.

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