How the lion, the tiger and the bear became friends and have been together since then

We have effectively seen numerous instances of uncommon bonds between animals of different species. For example dogs and horses, cats and tigers, elephants and birds, rabbits and pigeons etc.,.

But we obviously have not even thought that there can exist a close bond between a mountain bear, a lion and a tiger and that they can spend most of their time together.

Baloo, Leo, and Sherkhan have lived respectively for a very long time at an animal sanctuary in Georgia. In 2001, an uncommon trio was found in the storm cellar of a house during a police strike.

The creatures were kept in extremely awful conditions, Balu needed to go through medical procedure as soon as possible, and it was actually the only time in their lives that the three were isolated.

Since their crisis and bad living conditions, they have been always been together.

The creatures endured incredibly because of the conditions wherein they resided in the cellar. They couldn’t be gotten back to nature. Yet, we can say that the bear, the lion and the tiger are very glad.

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