Hinckley the Golden Retriever is the ideal elder brother for his human family

The Parks couple was worried about how their pet would react to the child when they became guardians. In any case, the pet began to show the child special affection and attention.

The dog initially mistook child Theodore for another toy to play with, according to his young mother Whitney. Nonetheless, the dog eventually started spending a lot of time playing with the little baby. He may, for example, sleep next to him.

« Hinckley kept an eye on Theodore from our bed for the first few nights. While the child slept in his bunk, he kept a close eye on everything that happened to him. After a few days, the dog understood that the baby was not a « toy » and wouldn’t go anywhere « – recalls Whitney Parks.

She discovered that she was really pleased with her child’s relationship with a pet. The dog understands at this point that he is extraordinary and should be observed. Individuals on the internet are enchanted by such friendships. They cleverly post comments beneath a photograph of a young boy with a magnificent retriever.

« No one loves you as much as your dog. ».

« The start of a lifelong friendship and kinship. »

« This incredible dog would lay down his life for him. Animals can teach us a lot. »

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