This little cat met a new dog and had the cutest reaction possible

Whenever you meet somebody, it has a permanent effect on your memory. This applies to both humans and animals.

This little cat, as the photographs show, might be little, however her response when she first sees her new friends is entertaining and extremely interesting.

Sam Gerth found the cat in the city. She was very weak, covered in oil and dirt as she was too little. The poor thing would have died of hunger or other causes if it hadn’t been for Sam.

Sam immediately washed her and set it before a radiator to warm it up. She was stuck deep down and after around 45 minutes she at last slept. The family expected to give the cat away for adoption from the start, however they got close after some time. They also had two cats and dogs. Nimbus showed no response when she initially met her new best friends.

Even though she was very terrified, they managed to get along well. After some time passed they turned out to be best new pals following a couple of days.

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