The interesting cat Lulu is so glad to have a new home that as a demonstration of appreciation she carries the shoes of her owner to her each day

The cute cat Lulu, is so happy and thankful to have at last a sweet home, that she brings the shoes of her owner each day.

She was brought to the vet in an extremely terrible condition. After a while she looked much better, yet no one couldn’t embrace her, since she had medical issues.

She had a kidney infection and ingrown nails. She couldn’t even hop. However, with every one of these, she was fortunate to be taken on by Kayla and her mom, who cherished her right from the start.

The caring lady with her pleasant family looked after the new family member. They took care of her with extraordinary joy. A little while later, Lulu looked totally better.

One morning, when the caring mother was going to go out, she unexpectedly saw her exquisite pet bringing her shoes.

It was a demonstration of appreciation she displayed in this manner as a trade-off for saving her life.

From that day on it turned into a routine for the adorable creature.

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