Dogs go to the hospital to watch their homeless owner get medical treatment.

It’s a well known fact that dogs are our most dedicated friends, and the 4 dogs from this story are an undeniable evidence of this.

And even in case you aren’t a dog person this story will truly make you cry.

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, a homeless guy named Cesar was admitted into a health centre in Brazil because of health issues. While receiving the patient, the workers observed that he did  not  come alone.

His 4 stray dogs were sitting next to the door refusing to go until they made sure that their friend was fine.

One of the nurses noticed that the dogs looked healthier than most stray dogs. Cesar was always keeping an eye on them, getting food and sharing it with the dogs, which was often to his harm.

Despite being poor, Cesar always looked after them.

Before being discharged, the hospital staff gave him food and allowed him to bring his dogs inside to eat with him.

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