Cat named China takes different bizarre things from neighbours to « gift » them to her mother

The feline covertly brought different easily overlooked details from the neighbours to satisfy her mother. The lady didn’t have any idea where the pet brought « gifts » from.

Mónica Vicéns brought a little cat named China from the road. The lady immediately bounded with the cat and couldn’t leave her.

After pretty much every walk, the cat got back with prey, which she of some sort or another provided for Mónica.

For instance, it very well may be socks, cigarettes, matches, scissors, torques, darts. According to Monica she didn’t get where the pet brings « the gifts » from. It came to a point that she « looted » the neighbours. Then, the lady started to return the taken things to the neighbours.

« I returned every one of the things to the neighbours, yet every time China took them again and carried them to me with a disappointed face. It appeared to be that she needed to say: « I gave this to you, » Mónica said.

The neighbours acknowledged China’s stunts with humour. Monica even introduced a case close to the house, in which she started to put every one of the things taken by the cat.

« China loves to flounder in the mud, chase, take and lose things and disturb me every way. Nonetheless, I actually love her absurdly and won’t ever leave her, » said Mónica.

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