How a dog and a dolphin met in the sea and became friends

In spite of the fact that it sounds pretty mind blowing, we’ve heard such countless accounts of close experiences among dogs and dolphins.

Although a significant number of these wonderful connections are very short, this little dog and his dolphin buddy have shared an exceptionally extraordinary friendship for seven years. Everybody meets Zyzz, the dog and his closest companion Jojo, the dolphin.

The two initially met in 2013. At that point, the 9-year-old spaniel was on a boat close to the Turks and Caicos Islands with his family when he noticed the dolphin following them. They went through numerous hours swimming and playing together. They have been friends from that point forward.

Jojo is known to play with different dogs so he was excited to see Zyzz hop up and they recently began revolving around one another and kind of playing a game. For the love of his dear companion, Zyzz would have invested quite a bit of his energy swimming, yet sadly he had ear diseases, so he was unable to play with JoJo as much as he would like.

In any case, their exceptional bond was able to overcome these hardships and at whatever point they got the opportunity to see one another, they made each second of it count.

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