A five-month-old baby was born with so much hair that strangers are stopped in their tracks.

Bobby Carter, a 5-month-old boy, gained a celebrity due to his extremely rich hair at that age.

The mother of an outstanding baby, whose image was featured in multiple newspapers at the same time, stated that she styles her son’s hair with a hair dryer every day.

Rachel Carter, 30, stated in an interview that it became evident even during pregnancy during an ultrasound that her child has actual hair.

Because the pregnancy had not yet displayed any features, it was decided that the baby would be a girl.

« When the kid was eventually born, the obstetricians were so taken aback that they summoned all their colleagues to view him – our Bobby was born with a gorgeous haircut, » the mom laughed to reporters.

In addition, the young mother claims that her son is always being watched on the street.

As Rachel mentioned, the child has grown accustomed to the idea that he draws as much attention as a true celebrity.

It was also discovered that the boy’s mother is required to shampoo his hair every day. Then meticulously style his hair with a hairdryer.

« If I don’t dry his hair, it stands on end, and he turns into Wolverine. Bobby, on the other hand, adores his hairdo and continually caresses it with his fingers before going to bed.

« It acts as a sedative on him, and he goes asleep quickly, » the woman explained.

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