A family of dogs cared a little girl who was rejected and abandoned by her parents.

Oxana, a girl, was born in 1983 in a large dysfunctional household, yet she was born without aberrations. With sufficient care and parental affection, she may be capable.

However, Oxana did not receive this from her parents.

The youngster was abandoned on the street by her parents when she was three years old. The girl could have froze, but she climbed into the booth and clutched to the dog.

When the girl attempted to come home, her father drove her out into the street. Oxana had no choice but to return to the booth to Naida, the dog’s name.

For the next five years, the girl shared a booth with Naida, ate from a dog dish, and adopted all of a dog’s mannerisms – crawled on all fours, scratched like a dog, barked, and even caught fleas.

This went on until the guardianship authorities arrived. Employees of the Guardianship were taken aback by what they witnessed.

Parents’ parental rights were revoked, and the girl was placed in a boarding school.

Oxana began a new life. It took her a long time to adjust to her new surroundings.

She had to relearn how to use silverware, brush her teeth, wash her face, sleep on a bed rather than the floor, and converse, despite knowing how to answer yes and no. It is presumed that she maintained touch with others. However, no one approached the guardianship authorities.

The girl attended a boarding school until she reached the age of majority. She is behind her peers in development, and if she became furious, she could howl and bite because her canine instincts would not let her go.

Oxana desired to return to her home after finishing boarding school. But, at the last minute, she changed her mind and enrolled in the boarding school, where she cared for horses and cows.

Oxana, 35, is still enrolled in this boarding school and doing well; she even has a fiancé.

The young people wanted to marry, but they couldn’t because of Oxana’s infirmity.

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