Kind ostrich helped a stranded elephant and they turned out to be the closest friends at the shelter.

Animals never stop to stun us with their bond. These awesome, delicate animals can cherish and comfort one another, similar to people.

This ostrich named Pea and Jotto, a baby elephant, became really close friends when they met each other. When the volunteers of Sheldrick Wildlife saved the elephant, he was one month old.

Soon after this salvage, the volunteers in the shelter brought two vagrant ostriches. The elephant was there too. The animals were moved via plane to the National Park in Nairobi. Here the little animals had another life. They got really close here.

Pea was constantly close to Jotto, she gave him her solace and love, which the little elephant really needed. It was their relationship, which helped the two of them get going. Pea and Jotto were indivisible, they were hanging out.

The ostrich enjoying her days with the elephant crowd began to think she is a piece of it. Jotto is so glad to have such an energetic and caring companion, similar to Pea.

One they, when they get strong and grow up, they will return to nature.

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