A small cat alone in the outside

They received a call in rescue center about a little cat who was left as his owner moved and decided not to take the cat with him.

The volunteers took the cat and visit vet to see if everything was good with the cat. And to their surprise cat felt good. They provided food, milk to the cat. But still they felt that the cat was nervous a little bit and every time when someone was trying to approach him, he backed away.

Volunteers decided to search for a new caretaker for the cat. Finally they found a new mother for the cat. But still cat had difficulties with trust. Little by little she found the courage to come out of his shell, he was happy with everything he had available to him and to be able to satisfy his needs.

In addition, he received the attention and love he needed from his adoptive mother, so he began to feel secure.

Afterwards, he trusted his caregiver even more and sat on the sofa during the day, sleeping and resting anywhere, without worry.

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